The 2016 late night results caught most by surprise, but not his supporters. They always believed their horse would win the race. After all, it was the mainstream media that exploited Donald Trump’s campaignñ; overexposed him. Take for instance, CNN. In 2016 CNN would mute their coverage of a Bernie Sanders’ rally to focus on a Trump rally, 2 hours before it began. On one side of the screen, Bernie Sanders muted while delivering a speech. On the other side, a close up of Trump’s empty podium as pundits speculated on what outrageous comment would Trump make that time. That’s…

A message from abroad

As a former international student, going to the US, living among Americans for four years was undoubtedly a blessing. But at every step, I realized that part of the blessing was to have attended college during Barack Obama's presidency.

American life under Obama was far from perfect, however there was a sense of reassurance that that nation was moving towards the right path socially and economically… at least in coastal states.

In the course of three unforgettable adventures to the Midwest, it became evident that there were two Americas. People in the countryside seemed to be…

Democratic party candidates’ broad strategy must be to make this election cycle about themselves. Once the stage is down to 2–3 people, they ought to replicate the 2007’s Hillary-Obama spectacle.

Source: VOX

But they should also be careful not to eat “each other” on national television, as the right wing has predicted. Whatever personal attack between Democrats in the race will be capitalized by Donald Trump. Therefore, Democrats need to focus solely on policy.

Contrary to what most people believe, Trump is not immune to negative press. The Democrats’ problem has been the pace of the news cycle. That is why Republicans…

Mr. Almighty President

Presidential figures have always been better known across the United States than other political actors. That is why “Postmodern presidency” might refer to a presidency “On steroids”.

In Leah A. Murray’s book Politics and Popular Culture (2012) John Freie identifies Ronald Regan as responsible for making the transition from modern to postmodern presidency, as the first could be traced back to Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson’s administrations (Ibid). Regan marked a precedent where, regardless that his agenda was not consistent to the will of the majority, he was capable of contradict himself in order to maintain a…

One of the main controversies about defining terrorism is how governments and other circles of power have modified its definition accommodating it to a description of their adversaries and to justify state actions.

As explained in “Inside Terrorism” (Hoffman, 2006) terrorism is a western term that was developed by the Jacobins in 18th century France; namely by Maximilien Robespierre, in a period in French history known as the “Reign of Terror”.

Since the 18th century, the definition of terrorism changed multiple times. However, it seems alarming that, despite its differences, Robespierre’s idea of terrorism; a method to detain chaos (Ibid)…

The White Man Knows Best: The Complex of Guacanagarix beyond Dominican Culture

Some talk about white guilt, but do you know how well white immigrants (sorry I mean, expats) are treated in non-white countries?? I don’t only mean well off professionals or rich people. An everyday white person is usually welcomed and given preference treatment, virtually everywhere.

In the Dominican Republic, the preference treatment is known as the “Guacanagarix complex”. Guacanagarix was the Taíno cacique who welcomed Christopher Columbus and his crew, in contrast to other caciques who did not trust the suspicious newcomers. We all know how that story…

Education should be considered a human right, not a benefit because access to (good) education is one of the major elements of systematic segregation.

Certainly the current Student Financial Aid has been a tremendous help for students whom otherwise would have not been able to go to college. But the biggest beneficiaries of the Student Financial Aid have been private companies that overprice almost anything covered by Financial Aid.

During his 2015 State of the Union speech, President Obama announced plans for making tuition free community colleges. Conservative voices immediately raised questions about the viability of Mr. Obama’s plans.


On his new video ( Khamenei merely states a fact: many (central) European countries have laws that make illegal to question the holocaust. Now it is true that, denying the holocaust is almost impossible, as the Nazis had records and footage that was confiscated by the Allies. However, if Ann Coulter can- exercising her freedom of speech- promote hatred against minorities, yet sell millions of books, then why is there such a stigma against those who try to deny the Holocaust?

Also let’s not think that Khamenei’s critique on as the beginning of new tensions between Persia and the West. On the contrary, Europe is now investing billions in Iran

Grace Pérez

Short articles on politics and history.

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